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What are your young teens (really) doing online? An invitation to share

Created by the wonderful team at CyberWise, is the video What Kids Are (Really) Doing Online. The team say "if you find yourself wondering what they're doing in this new digital world (where, incidentally, they spend more time than in school or at home), you're not alone. We aim to help with a new video (below). It is delivered from the perspective of a real, live, device-wielding 14-year-old, so listen up!" (source). 

Diana Graber (, writes:

In addition to being research-based, this video has also been kid-approved. The narrator is not a professional voice actress but an actual device-using, 14-year old (full disclosure: my daughter) whose agent (my other daughter) insisted that her participation in this project be contingent upon full script-approval. In other words, what you will learn about “What Kids Are (Really) Doing Online” comes directly from the source. (Source)

I guess I would add...or ask... the video is from quite a specific point of view; the experience of this specific 14-year-old will be quite different from the experience of other 14-year-olds in different families, communities, or countries. What are your experiences with 14-year-olds in your context? Do you know any 14-year-olds who might offer a different point of view? (Would they be up for making a video of their experiences, and sharing them?)

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