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Wow...what happened there!

It is now go plus 4 days and I think I have lost 4 days of my has all blurred into what feels like only a couple of hours!

Monday was my first official day and the first thing that happened in the morning was the most lovely Powhiri I have ever attended. The students at my school have such a clear understanding of their heritage and connection with their area...I am very lucky to be leading a school like this!

Since Monday I have been surrounded by a miasma of paperwork as I madly try to get up to speed.

The trick there is to make sure I have later...and WTF as my filing system!

I have also had so many lovely people come into the school to welcome me to the reinforces my faith in educational and other leaders.

I have also gotten to be in classes with my students...and what a superb bunch they are...makes all the paperwork so worth while!

We have also had more team building exercises to bond me and my team together...thanks to the chicken saga!

Though when I just tried to wrestle them into their coop they had decided that there was no way they where entering that spacious after cursing them for a while I decided to leave them to get wet! Let's pray they don't die overnight...last thing I want to do at my first assembly is to have to tell the school I am a poultry murderer!

So all in all I have had an amazing week....I knew the paperwork would hit me hard...and it has...but if I keep stepping back to big picture, prioritise, make sure I go for a run and remember to is going to be so worth it!

Happy as a pig in mud

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Comment by Hazel Owen on August 24, 2017 at 16:41

I've been meaning to respond to your wonderful posts Jo. I love your authenticity! 

The powhiri sounds as though it was amazingly powerful - what a wonderful way to be welcomed into the community and the area. Glad the chooks survived too ;D

From what you say too, you also have some survival strategies in place. How are they going for you? Still running? Still remembering to eat? How's the paperwork miasma going?

Comment by Catriona Pene on August 2, 2017 at 9:35

YAY!  Go you - great reminders to keep eating and exercising - so excited for you and for the school who are lucky to have you. 

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