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The online community as 'thriller': Capturing stories of value

I must admit that I hadn't thought of the characters, interactions, and communications of an online community as a thriller (or a romance, but Wenger, Trayner and De Laat in Promoting and assessing value creation in communities and networks:..., assert that "to paint a more reliable picture of how a community or network is creating value, it is necessary to follow value creation across cycles" (p. 33). The value-creation stories they describe as :

A value-creation story is a special genre of story. Like many other genres, it follows a specific format. Think of the format of a typical thriller: it has a crime, an investigation, false trails, and finally a solution. Similarly a romance has a typical format: the two meet, dislike each other at first, then fall in love, get separated, get reunited, and finally live happily ever after. (p. 33)

While I am not totally convinced that the framework they have developed is relevant or applicable for all online communities, it definitely does as Derek Wenmoth, who originally shared this document indicates provide "lots of useful indicators that could be thought about". The paper also offers useful tools that support the process of creating value, and an example of what one of the tools when filled out might contain.

Well worth a read, and please share any experiences you have using the tools, or any ideas you have around the concepts discussed in the paper.


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