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So there is 6 days to go till I legally take over the reins....and at the moment I am running around trying to get up to speed with budgets, property works, planning, organisation and a completely lacking H and S system

I feel a lot like a thunderbirds puppet...wanting to focus on the big aim...teaching and learning....but some puppeteer is pulling strings that mean I need to focus on admin a lot at present!

Still, I guess once I have knocked these systems on the head we can then get back to the fun bits:)

At the 6 day mark I am also drafting and re drafting my speech...need to make sure I stick to a script...something I am notoriously bad at...but I'm pretty sure my usual...feel the vibe and then wing it philosophy is probably not appropriate!

I am also doorbell watching waiting to see if a bottle of water from my river in the UK will make it through customs so I can mix it with the water from all my students rivers on my Powhiri day...something I have never encountered in a Powhiri before...but something I feel will be a very special moment! Fingers crossed the NZ Post sniffer dogs don't take offence at River Seven water!

Today also marks 1 week until I am officially living away from home 4 nights a week!

Times they are a changing!

Thunderbird out

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Comment by Hazel Owen on August 24, 2017 at 16:46

Just re-visiting your posts. What an incredible way to build whanaungatanga; a very tangible way of illustrating both the mingling of connections and grow collaborative relationships...while also honouring tūrangawaewae. Priceless :D  

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