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Life has been busy, lots of time taken up with work (of course!) but there is life beyond work - right now consisting of the children being on school holidays. Coping with this is not an easy task in itself, even less so while working (no rest for the wicked BeLchick who will toddle off to Europe for 5 weeks in winter with BeLfamily). However, there is even life beyond the children (hear hear) which led one of my quilts "Frei" to be displayed as finalist in the Challenge at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne this month. A whirlwind visit over the weekend to Melbourne (which had especially for me turned their season from summer straight to winter - brrr).

On the work front I have put together a collation of e-tools (PC) for engaging reluctant writers here. I would like to acknowledge the incredible help I have received from NZ educators through the Virtual Learning Network and especially from Catriona Pene via her workshop at the recent Learning 2 School Roadshow.  Feel free to use, adapt, add :-). In the back of my head I am working on a proposal for a presentation at ULearn in Hamilton later this year - to do with my hobby horse identity, culture, stereotyping and how teachers can connect with their learners in the reality of their busy days.

I leave you with one of currently favourite TED Talks, Dan Ariely: What makes us feel good about our work?

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Comment by Hazel Owen on May 8, 2013 at 17:00

Congratulations for the international success with your quilt! Wow - that's awesome, and a deserved recognition of the all your hard work and creative talent. You're a star. Did you know that Catriona is also a keen quilter? 

Thank you so much for the super resource you have started to collate. I love the fact that it focuses on the learner, rather than the technology. I wonder if you had any thoughts around the word 'reluctant'? Merryn and I had a long discussion around the possible implicit 'deficit' model connotation of the term. We couldn't come up with an alternative word if you have any suggestions... :-)

I LOVED the TED talk, and will be sure to recommend it to heaps of other people. My long-suffering other half had a blow-by-blow break down of the video and the research on our 4 hour drive up to Kerikeri last Friday!! Really started me thinking about how we design learning as educators as well...all those 'essays' that 'go nowhere'!!

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