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I have begun this online course named Optimal Living 101 and maybe you want to also

Brian Johnson has studied more than 100 books and made a summary video of each one. From that learning he has put together an online set of lessons called Optimal Living 101.

He offered a scholarship that I applied for and was accepted.

I have just begun to listen to the lessons.

I had enjoyed his book summaries years ago.


Please pray for me to listen carefully to all these lessons and make suitable applications.
This can transform my life and help me to better serve others for years to come. 

I came upon the course by watching the following few videos.
They give insight into how Brian manages his life.
The ways he has woven together principles from experts inspires and challenges me. 

How I'm setting my goals for 2011!

How I'm Setting My Intention & Goals for 2010 - Episode #19


Overview of My Philosophy

Optimal Living 101


Link to apply for scholarship.


Note that these are audio files that you can download to your computer. Then you can put them on your phone or ipod or other device to take with you as you commute, exercise, do housework, do yard work, etc. 


Here are the 100 book summaries

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Comment by Hazel Owen on October 16, 2012 at 15:26

Congratulations on the scholarship. What a great opportunity, and I wish you all the best with working through these super resources.

I very much liked the idea of creative production goals that Brian Johnson shared in his goal setting for 2011, and the framing of his goals with his overall 'intention'.

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