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GET READY Textbooks will Become Techbooks Sooner than Later

Not long ago the state of Florida legislature said they were moving to digital  textbooks.

Others have joined the parade including many states, Apple, Obama and the Secretary of Education.

The tsunami size paradigm shift is mounting FAST.

Not many years from now digital text books will be the norm.

The classroom scene is not just a small sector of society.

That training of the next generation will ripple through colleges and into corporations in the following years.

I get SICK of hearing those over 40 years old discount ebooks and digital learning.

They talked like it would be decades before major things changed.

But with this news it means the transition will be much sooner than later.

Global competition for test scores and jobs is one of the factors behind this push. 


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Textbook companies will go out of business and many will get laid off. 

That hurts my heart, but the same happened with auto companies and workers in Detroit. 

I really hope that the education leaders will smell the coffee and make the tough choices.

It is human nature to resist change.

But it is the role of the leader to exercise courage and vision to prepare for the future.

Edutech is not just an odd topic for those on the fringe.

It is certainly the unavoidable nature of reality at the core of learning in the near future.

I am 59 years old.

My father is 89 years old and going strong.

My grandfathers made it into their 80s.

The life expectancy currently is about 80.

I take care of my health and medical treatments keep getting better.

I will live to see edutech go from novelty, to strange to normal. 

The pace will only increase as the hardware, software and online services get cheaper.

I am going to enjoy the ride.

I hope you do too.

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Comment by John S. Oliver on October 16, 2012 at 7:25

This will surely come to pass because some companies stand to make huge profits and they can influence legislation just as this article says  

Comment by John S. Oliver on October 16, 2012 at 7:21

Here are reader comments to come of the previous posts.

Note the thoughts and feelings of teachers.

Comment by Janey Nolan on October 10, 2012 at 10:35

John absolutely fascinating reading thank you. I certainly believe this is the way we are headed. 

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