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Aims, learning outcomes or objectives?

You may, or may not ;-p be wondering what the differences are between aims, learning outcomes and objectives. In a nutshell:

  • Learning Outcomes (LOs), aims and objectives are often used synonymously, but in fact refer mainly to intentions.
  • LOs are related to the achievements of the learner rather than what teacher hopes to achieve in a session or course.
  • Aims are focussed more on the teacher's intentions, and individual sessions that they are facilitating.
  • LOs and objectives are more difficult to differentiate because objectives are frequently expressed in ways that are similar to LOs, and express statements about what a learner will gain from participating in a course or activity.

Click here to access a thorough guide to learning outcomes(UCE Birmingham)





Click here for a briefer overview of learning outcomes and questions to ask yourself while writing them.




Do you have other great sites or resources that either illustrate the differences, or are really helpful for developing LOs? Please share.



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