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Driving teacher change through brokering in an online community ecosystem

Knowledge-planet (Photo credit:…

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That home run feeling: When a coaching session goes really well!

Success has different interpretations, and not all successful coaching sessions will see progress toward a specific goal (A to B) or having developed a strategy or solution (Allen, 2013). Sometimes it can be a sense of the coach and coachee working together to uncover a…


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The 8 stages of an effective coaching session

When we learn something, we change. However, it may take several steps during a coaching session to help a coachee become aware that they have learned, and recognise the relevance and application of their learning, which in turn, can help them realise the power of a coaching session. While each coaching session will be different…


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Here is Another Take on Blooms Taxonomy with LOTS of Related Links

Here are digital alternatives to the traditional diagram with links to plenty of sites that serve each part.

and on a related note here are Blooms Taxonomy related apps

Here is a site that seeks to bring all that and much more to every…


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Don't Let Fear Get in the Way - A Global Perspective

This post was a guest post for Cyberwise and was originally published here on 08/07/2012.

Fear of the unknown has…


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Andragogy vs Pedagogy - Makes me want to scream!

Cross-posted from my Inquiring Mind blog.

There is nothing more likely to get me to screaming point than an article about the supposed differences between androgogy and pedagogy. Why, you may ask? It may be helpful to start with a…


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The Mighty Kauri...See the Leader through the Trees!

Kia ora,

Recently I have been pondering and exploring that powerful yet elusive word ‘leadership’.  I have read, watched, conversed and listened to experts talk about how leaders ‘are great’,  ‘lead well’ and ‘achieve utopia’ as a leader. However, one statement has kind of bugged my inner ‘debate team’ thinking.  …


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Why is it so 'flipping' controversial? The flipped classroom under discussion...

It's an oldie by goodie - so here's the flipped classroom discussion revisited.

You may be already using a flipped approach with your learners; you may just be interested in finding out more; or you may be fed up with hearing about what appears to be an overhyped use of videos that reinforce a traditional paradigm of education. All of these points of view are reflected in…


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Authentically mobile: Designing learning on the move

Dr Jan Herrington was a key note at ULearn and started with a good humoured reference to the Australian loss in the Rugby World Cup :-)  She then moved on to showing a photograph of her father's classroom and what can be deduced from the picture. You could see the teacher standing at the back and all the students were sitting at the desks looking forward.

The technology included a newspaper, an inkwell, and a big…


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Still about lEarning...

Today I spent time watching a clip Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano published on her Langwitches Blog.

It is called Learning 2 Learn. It took time as I paused it quite a lot:


I watched this video quite shortly…


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Creating a coaching culture

Having identified some of the features and benefits of coaching culture, one of the next considerations is designing a coaching programme. Initial discussions and decisions should involve as many stakeholders as is feasible, and will need to focus on how the design aligns with the values and requirements of the organisation.

Ideally, the factors…


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My Thanksgivings for 2015

This Thanksgiving season I think back on the many blessings of my life.


I have made the following list of what I am thankful for.



My mother

She left her job as an elementary school teacher to stay at home in…


Added by John S. Oliver on December 1, 2015 at 7:04 — 1 Comment

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