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Don't Depend on Moodle to Build Social Capital

Moodle and other course management systems may be fine for some purposes, but don't depend on it to build social capital on the classroom, according to this research by the Lab for Social Computing at Rochester Institute of Technology. "The results indicate that the educational use of social media may not counteract poor social connections that are seen in face-to-face communication or elicit the same impacts seen in…


Added by Edward Flagg on August 30, 2012 at 20:16 — 2 Comments

Making connections: 10 TED Talks That Could Be Used As Course Titles


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Attract 100 to 200 Dollar Donations for Your Classroom Projects

Tips for Teachers: Ways to Help Your Classroom Project Get Funded

Have you successfully used Donors Choose before then leave comment? If you use Donors Choose then please leave a comment.…


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Flipping out about the 21st Century Fluency Project

The wonderful Vicki Hagenaar shared the following link to what I found an insightful resource. I was particularly taken by the post "The truth about flipped classrooms", which addresses some of the myths and misconceptions around the flipped approach. I agree with Vicki that this a resource…


Added by Hazel Owen on August 16, 2012 at 21:55 — 2 Comments

Exciting New Initiatives in Gifted & Talented Education!

Many thanks to Anne Sturgess who shared this giftednz update. It has an update on the…


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Learning in the Digital Age: the myth and the reality - do you agree with Steve Wheeler?

Below is embedded a recent presentation from Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth). It was initially shared by Merryn Dunmill in another community of which I'm a member, and then commented on by…


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Fibre to the gate is only half the story. How about affordable high-speed Internet?

Access to the Internet appears to be one of the key sticking points for those students who are based in the lowest socio-economic communities. While this factor seems to be pretty logical, maybe it is less obvious that low decile schools and/or small rural schools would also struggle to access affordable high-speed Internet.…


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Consider these NASA Media Links for Updates about Mars Rover Curiosity

This link is for updates about mars Rover Curiosity

Education related page

Rocket Science 101…


Added by John S. Oliver on August 4, 2012 at 5:14 — 2 Comments

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