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Large-scale school change: Changing pains

What happens when a school isn't working - for the learners, the community, and the teachers? Sometimes it's a case of bringing in the broom, working with leadership, and then starting again.

Gavin Clark shared his story from the Board resigning, the Commission coming in, and the subsequent changes in leadership. The school is now undergoing a process of…


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The influence of educational trends in NZ Education


The idea of student agency is simple and familiar in the sense that it is about trying to build learning around the needs of individual pupils, something that has been practised in many forms. Agency is when learning involves the activity and the initiative of the learner, more than the inputs that are transmitted to the learner from the teacher, from the curriculum, the resources etc. However, it is much more…


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A Reflection of Learning and Practice

Well, the last 28 weeks of Study have been an eye opener in some aspects and inspiring in other aspects. They have affirmed and created reflective practice at its best. I have seen changes not only in my practice but also in the practice of students and in the attitude of my colleagues. 

In the past, my attitude towards my colleagues has been quite negative in terms of the barriers they put up when trying new technology and trying new practices. I would pose questions and scenarios…


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Professional Connections

Click on the link here to view the story behind this diagram. Professional Connections

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Our Professional Community

Total Confusion has overwhelmed me. The fact that I have spoken about our Professional Community in depth before this 'erks me' nonetheless.

Who are the stakeholders in my professional community? In what ways do they influence my practice?

Our community which I live in is made up of the central Mangere Area. Overwhelmed currently by roading infrastructure to enhance the look and flow…


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My Disconnected Learning (Diana Ayling)

Diana Ayling, a while back, posted this personal experience and reflection (cross-posted with permission in full below). It was interesting for me in two key ways - the first was Diana's understanding of how her own learning 'practice' has shifted, such that when she is immersed in a less connected, active one, she felt frustrated and dissatisfied. The second was the list of…


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Why we need student agency....

Student voice and student agency are key to learning. However, this doesn't always seem to be an unquestioned (inconvenient?) 'truth'.

Lorraine Makatu explains what happens when student agency is supported and nurtured. 

Mangere Central School has sister schools in Bali, and Lorraine shares some of the experiences of students who start to explore different places and life…


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Professional Connections and Networks.

Nā tō rourou, nā taku rourou ka ora ai te iwi

With your food basket and my food basket the people will thrive

The Maori Language Commission.  (n.d.). Korero Maori. Retrieved from…


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You too can use You Tube to learn much for free.


These have been a huge blessing to me over the years.

I hope that they bless you too.

Learning from these sources is more fulfilling than most TV viewing.


Here are some of the better educational channels on You Tube



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It is ALWAYS about ME

Really? Its never about me ...

Education has always been part of my life which has always been a positive part. As an adult and an educator, I often wonder what it would have been like if my parents had taken more notice or been more engaged with my learning. I remember trying so hard in my tests…


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Inspiration - Why?

Why? is such an innate power in itself. So simple and yet so demanding of your time to answer just that, why? 

Reflective Practice asks you the hard questions, 'Why?'  - it empowers or at time enables you think about and answer why to the many demands of inquiring into our own learning. Therefore, what inspires me to teach in the first place?

That's easy! Firstly; my background and history…


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Blogging to provide evidence for your RTCs

Cross blogged from Hynessight

In New Zealand, all teachers must provide evidence that they meet the registered teacher criteria every year. There are twelve of these criteria. The teachers council (soon to be EDUCANZ) is the registration body for NZ teachers and every three years, teachers must apply to have their teaching registration updated with the support of…


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My Professional community

Who are the stakeholders in my professional community? In what ways do they influence my practice?

The community I work with sits inside the wider school community and because of its unique population it has its own vision that sits under the whole school vision;



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A response to Finlay's (2008)'s article Reflecting on Reflective Practice

One Size does not fit all.

I agree with Findlay who suggests that different models are needed at different levels for individuals within an organisation relevant to that organisation to use in different contexts. However we have to be careful that they do not turn into checklists which then become less reflective and more mechanical. If an organisation chooses to use only one model then I believe the way to avoid this is by people…


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Creative Writing with a difference

This is a SwayI have created which has the information on a Creative Writing unit I did with my Year 10s. It included a range of technology to enhance the unit of work. Students spent 5 weeks of class time and their holiday time working on this unit. My aim was to give the students as much control as possible within the unit of work.…


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Making learning tangible: Breaking out of the 'English' mould

Creative writing in school can often be teach this, the students learn this, and then they write a story.

Tamara decided to change the format (check out more in her post Creative Writing with a difference). Building on an idea from Primary (Tamara is in…


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