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Applications for the CORE Education Pasifika Education Grants 2016 are open!!

Applications for the CORE Pasifika Education Grants 2016 are now open.
A little about the grant:
CORE Education offers an annual allocation of $20,000 to support teachers (Early Childhood…

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When to shoot ...

Before I begin - Deliberate Provocation Alert!

Change is hard.  Change in schools is REALLY hard.  There is the dance between the carrot and the stick, and as leaders we are often plied with ideas from near and far about how to best go about getting people on-board and all heading in ‘the right direction’.  All sources and thinkers I can find seem to agree on the need for an alignment in the vision and buy-in from…


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Bachelor of Health Science: Utilising eLearning environments to deliver inquiry-based learning

If you are interested in using eLearning to enhance your students' learning experiences - especially if you are teaching in the social sciences - then this resource is for you.

The Prezi…


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Planning for the future by learning from the past


We all have dreams, but sometimes don’t know how to make those dreams reality. In this post I am going to take you through how I am going to realise my next big dream, which is to train, compete and qualify at 2018 at Taupo Ironman in my age group for the World Ironman Triathlon Championships in Kona, Hawaii 2018.

Medium goals are to build up my distances…


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School holiday programme: Learn to code and code your own robot

Would your school-aged children like to know how to code...or take their existing skills to the next level...or code their own robot? The Scratchpad holiday programme may offer exactly what they are looking for. They will be able to work at their own pace, on projects that interest them, to achieve their own goals.

You can…


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Harnessing technology to provide industry capability: No 8 wire solutions and nerves of steel

There is a skills shortage in surveying in New Zealand. But how can this be? There is a demand, and people who are interested. There are only about 2000 professional surveyors who are part of the institution of surveyors. So, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic  set out to find a solution.

In 2012 they started by delivering the diploma in surveying in a…


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Using peer partnership contracts to help with group assessments

Beverly Taylor works at Wintec in Hamilton, and she is one of the first to tell you that group assignments offer a range of challenges.

One of the strategies she uses, however, is to ask students to create a contract between the group. This includes understanding the task requirements, taking responsibility for learning, communication,…


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Could learning analytics lead to the ‘Wal-Martification’ of Higher Education?

As a self-professed skeptic of learning analytics (I'm still not totally convinced they are great for the learner...even if they might be a great tool for education institutions), I was reassured to hear Gardner Campbell (director of professional development and innovative initiatives at Virginia Tech) speak so well.

Campbell speaks of the possibility that learning analytics might…


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Are you 'guaranteed' a degree once invested in your education...and a discussion about vocational practitioners

I came across this particular post by Once Written (Al Kline), when it popped up in Zemanta as a suggested complementary post. It caught my eye as I had seen  Dale Stephen (author of…


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Social media is ruining our minds...thoughts?

I came across this infographic about SMADD (social media attention deficit disorder), via Patricia Martin's most enjoyable post (thanks, Patricia :-p).

Patricia shares that she has the "attention span of a toy poodle. But I’m doing everything I can to fight back. I’ve even returned to practices I learned in Catholic grade school, like preparing lovely handwritten notes with…


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Two Movies about Teachers

These revealed in drama format the critical role of a teacher.

When you need inspiration and a reminder about the vital importance of a teacher watch these 

Mona Lisa Smile 

Starring Julia Roberts: At Wellesley College in 1953, the all-female student population constitutes the best and the brightest, yet they're still measured by how well they marry -- until the arrival of a professor who threatens to upend the status quo.…


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Extra-ordinary (cross-blogged from

[I am on another one of my little rants here - just very passionate about it ;-)]

extraordinary: Adjective, 1. Very unusual or remarkable. 2. Unusually great.

ordinaryAdjective, With no special or distinctive features; normal.

normal: Adjective, Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.

What is normal, ordinary,…


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The Tragedy of Certainty

How do you KNOW - and what do you do with that belief?

© By Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, A.C.T., MCC, SCAC

Foundational Concepts of the Intentionality Series…


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A guide to using technology to improve curriculum design

While this JISC guide is from 2014 (shared by John Owen), it still addresses some important factors in curriculum design, especially the need to meet a diverse range of learners with a variety of aspirations.…


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Ideas for staying motivated and organised

Ever find yourself with a to-do list with things that just don’t get done? Sometimes these are tasks or activities that are in someway off-putting to you, so how can you motivate yourself to do them?

Louise Barnes-Johnston suggests an approach that enables people she is coaching to acknowledge (and celebrate) the…


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The quiet learner

This post is part of the #EdBlogNZ 2016 Challenge for the bonus Leap Day challenge. The challenge was to "stretch yourself and create an audio or video post about a passion of yours". It has been cross-posted from:

I have focused on being an introvert and a learner. My audio recording is below and beneath this is a transcript of the…


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