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Guide to Scoring Rubrics

What is a scoring rubric?

How do you know if your students have learned something you’ve taught in the classroom? Evaluating the learning process is no simple task. Since learning is a dynamic and complex process, teachers need a diverse set of tools for measuring the progress of his/her students. One of those tools is the scoring rubric.

A scoring rubric is a standard of performance for a defined population. It is a pre-determined set of goals and objectives on which to base…


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Principals, Schools and Communities Held to Ransom

What is the problem? As I go into a lot of schools across the country, it is evident that there is a real problem holding up progress for the successful…

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My successful schools of the future (cross-blogged from

(As always, this is my opinion and may not reflect the opinion of my employers. I am rambling on a bit here, but this is an accumulation of various thoughts that have been going on in my poor little head for the last little while :D)

I'm just listening to a TEDx Talk: When I grow up I want to be happy: One student's experience of hacking his education:

This brought me back to a thought…


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We are missing the opportunity to re-imagine how learning might be redesigned to be more inclusive & personalised

Karen Melhuish Spencer is one of the leading lights in eLearning in New Zealand, and it was great to come across a critique she put together about a piece of research entitled “…


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Can your students help? Research into how students use ePortfolios

Shared in the ePortfolios Australia most recent newsletter (which you can read here), was the following request for help, which I thought I would pass on. Please contact Niall Dew directly if you have…


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Inclusive education: Toolkits and approaches that encourage self-review

Inclusion is about everybody. So - how to encourage support for students with Special Education Needs, such that they don't 'get lost'? 

In New Zealand, the Education Review Office (ERO) published a review in July 2013 "Including Students with High Needs: Primary Schools", which stated that for the "purposes of this report, high needs students are those with…


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Dialoguing problems...where no-one is excluded as way of engaging learners

Brian Edmiston (from Ohio State University) offered a session at the Te Toi Tupu hui in Hamilton. Brian is a professor of drama in education. He has a focus on both the practical and the scholarly and looks into how we can build engagement at the same time as mediating complex…


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Wish They Taught Me These


Recently I was visiting a community college in Dallas with a friend.

He needs to take a few courses to complete his bachelor’s degree.


In the waiting room for the advisers was a poster with the following.

I was amazed at the simplicity, brevity and usefulness of the 5 statements.


It has been decades since I attended college.

Looking back, I consider that  very little of that time, energy or money has served me.




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Google for Education: Resources

These resources were shared by Glen Davis, with the following comment "If you haven't spotted them already the recently released…


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Working with Year 7 to 13 ESOL students? They may be eligible to participate in ELLINZ online

Hi all!

Your school / students may be eligible to participate in ELLINZ online (English Language L…


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Rows of Too Perfect Faces

At the mega bookstore there is a huge selection of magazines.

Dozens of them are dedicated to fashion and beauty.

Passing by them it seemed bleachers filled with lovely ladies.


What I could see was this month’s version of an ideal woman.

What I know from research is that all of these images are faked in some ways.

What I see is not what the photographer saw but was digitally enhanced.

What the photographer saw was more than a few…


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Chromebox For Meetings: Opening up opportunities for collaborative learning?

Carolyn Bennett (e-Principal of Ako-E Online Learning Environment - FarNet and HarbourNet Schools) recently emailed through the following story from the NZ Herald, which profiles the "a videoconferencing tool designed to make it easier and less expensive to hold face-to-face...meetings even if the…


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I do not know


Many years ago it was difficult for me to admit when I did not know.

Then gradually I learned to make this simple admission, “I do not know.”

I found it to be liberating.

I find that admitting is better than lying, bluffing or changing the subject.


Admitting I do not know involves humility, honesty and truthfulness.

These are honorable virtues.

Pretending to know what I do not know involves faking, obscuring and…


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A guide for teachers and those facilitating PLD: ICT Transforming Education

This practical guide - ICT Transforming Education - has something for nearly everyone involved in education, including teachers, principals, deans, and policy writers. As well as strategies for integrating ICT enhanced learning and teaching into curricula, the guide also has a variety of resources and…


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Science Show

Adapted from “Science Show”, posted in in November 2013.

I work at an Independent (private) school in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have a Preschool (kindergarten), Preparatory School (Years 1-8) and a Secondary School (Years 9-13). While all schools are on the same campus, the day-to-day running of each school is separate. While the school is steeped in tradition,…


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Does technology make me better?

Does technology help educators to be greater teachers?

I do not think so as I think that if a teacher is a good one s/he could teach in the middle of the Sahara under a tree and still engage students. I do not believe that technology can help students' engagement per se.

So why do I use technology in my class?

For me technology is a great mean of bringing people together.  If I were teaching French in NZ in the 1950s it would be harder to do what we do now in our French…


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Examples of resources and research around laptops used with Primary (Elementary) students

Image source by Lisa Parisi

I am incredibly fortunate to be working with a wide range of educators…


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Have you ever taken a MOOC - Massive Open Online Course? I have just enrolled into my first one, Coursera's Gamification MOOC. @kwerb - Kevin Werbach (Associate Professor of Legal Studies & Business Ethics The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) - has posted the first few …


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