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Increasing student agency for students with special education needs.

"Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon."

E.M. Forster (1908)

What is student agency?

Student agency is when learning involves the activity and the initiative of the learner, more than the inputs that are transmitted to the learner from the teacher, from…


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Adapting social media as a scaffolding tool for teaching health informatics

Health informatics is an applied hybrid discipline of health and life sciences, computer science and business.

Karen Day and Stewart Wells used their university’s learning management software "as a form of social medium to stimulate discussions in preparation for 2 assignments, while creating an environment in which scaffolding could occur…


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Cultural competency in a business context

Given the opening up of the world and a shift to globalisation, it is important, especially in business contexts to be culturally competent - to be sensitive to differences and know how to work within a multicultural context.

The following is a brief vignette (based on experience, but using fictional characters) of how the…


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Old meets Modern (cross-blogged from

A good six months into my new role as Education Manager at the Waitangi Treaty Grounds is a good point for me to take some stock. We have come far, but every time I reach the peak of a mountain, I can see the next mountain range I want to climb:) Looking back over the last six months, there has been lots of learning

  1. of the necessary historic content (and there is always more to learn)
  2. how to run experiences outside the classroom for different ages, topics,…

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In the clouds: Some tools explored

There is an ongoing discussion around what  the benefits of cloud computing for education and professional development potentially are.

John Pearce has developed a useful PBWorks resource site that looks at various cloud solutions, that may help you…


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Writing A Book And Everything You Need To Know

Is it true that everyone has a book inside them, waiting to be written? Perhaps not, but you may well think you have a great idea for a story, how to guide, or memoir, just begging to be put down on paper. However, writing is book isn't as easy as it looks. Here's everything you need to know about writing a book yourself.

You need to decide why you want to write

The reason for writing a book will be different for everyone. You need to decide what your reasoning is, as it…


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How do Aotearoa NZ startups compare?

NZ Entrepreneur have put together this infographic, which - whether you are thinking about setting up a business, already have one, are interested in supporting one ... or are just curious - offers some interesting insights.

Based on data from the 2017 Global Startup Ecosystem Report, NZ Entrepreneur were keen "to take a closer look to see how we [Aotearoa NZ] compare to ecosystems drawn from similar size populations" (…


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we have lift off

Wow...what happened there!

It is now go plus 4 days and I think I have lost 4 days of my has all blurred into what feels like only a couple of hours!

Monday was my first official day and the first thing that happened in the morning was the most lovely Powhiri I have ever attended. The students at my school have such a clear understanding of their heritage and connection with their area...I am very lucky to be leading a school like this!



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T- minus 6 days

So there is 6 days to go till I legally take over the reins....and at the moment I am running around trying to get up to speed with budgets, property works, planning, organisation and a completely lacking H and S system

I feel a lot like a thunderbirds puppet...wanting to focus on the big aim...teaching and learning....but some puppeteer is pulling strings that mean I need to focus on admin a lot at present!

Still, I guess once I have knocked these systems on the head we can…


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T-minus 16 days

The thunderbirds seems to represent how I feel at the moment as I start the 16 day countdown to officially leading learning at my first school as principal! Though the paperwork has started already!!

I've been at my new school twice this week to begin connecting with my team, meeting students and joy of joys writing contracts! It was the contracts that caused me to finally realise, holy heck, I'm a principal... when I finished the contracts and went to turn to my principal to…


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Smartphone Safety Guidance for Children

Keeping children in constant contact (both with their parents and their friends and social media), providing information on the go, and being a mini entertainment system all in one, all mean that most kids are dying to get their own smartphone. But giving your child a device isn't without its risks.

What Are the Dangers?

No one likes to think that their child would get up to no good. The truth is though that mobiles combined with peer pressure and lack of…


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Values, Youth and the Bloodless Revolution

The programme “Whats Next” that ran in on TVNZ over 5 nights recently touched upon the importance of values in what happens in everyday life, in what we think about the past, and the present and the future. Values drive action or inaction on the issues that matter most, and even in those that seem quite trivial. The programme received mixed reviews but probably came out more on the positive side than the negative.  A good overall review appeared in the …


Added by Paul Keown on July 31, 2017 at 21:30 — 1 Comment

Ask Don't Tell

I hear a lot of questions from teachers about how they can develop learner agency and also how to foster an inquiry disposition in students. On the flipside, and surprisingly sometimes from the same teachers, I hear questions along the lines of:

What should I call my reading groups?

Our big topic next term is change. What should I do around this?

We're doing inquiry next term, what are some topic ideas?

I find myself saying 3…


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X on My Calendar

My black marker makes a daily X on my wall calendar.


I like to know at a glance where I am in context of the month.

Days and weeks seem to blur together.

This simple action makes time become my personal graphic.


Rationally I know each day has 24 hours.

But emotionally time seems to change pace.

Some days and weeks seem faster than others.

That steady addition of another X is my objective pace car.


The truth is…


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One thought to rule them all: The most powerful force in the world

Kerry Spackman advises that if nothing changes you are wasting your time - and making a tiny difference, even if you don't know about it, is more important than winning a gold medal. So, what is the biggest dent you could possibly make in the world? (remembering that changes can be from the bottom up, or from top down).

Thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are the most powerful forces in…

Added by Hazel Owen on July 24, 2017 at 7:00 — 1 Comment

Teacher beliefs and their influence on adopting technology

Michael Philips has explored some of the barriers around teachers not adopting technology as part of their every day practice (including being able to access computers during class time).

Examining teachers' beliefs is problematic as it involves…


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Is mispronouncing names racist? What are your thoughts?

How do you feel when someone mispronounces your name? Peeved? Upset? Annoyed? Disappointed? At the end of the day most people are likely to prefer it when someone pronounces their name correctly, or, at the very least, makes an effort. These students at at Holy Family School in Porirua (Aotearoa New Zealand) would like their teachers - and everyone else - to make the effort to say their names correctly.

What are your thoughts? Up for the challenge?

Thanks to Aiona…


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Understanding multiculturalism in the workplace

Aotearoa New Zealand is a bicultural nation, with a growing multicultural population. It is essential that business owners and managers actively use the principles of cultural diversity as a basis for decision making and growing company culture in a way that affirms employees’ cultural identities.

That is not to say that a person who identifies as…


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Outsource your eCommerce store management & catalog building – Make more profit!

Managing the end to end process in the eCommerce business is never an easy job.  It needs extra resources and time to establish the site, update and maintain the eCommerce site. Again this is not a onetime job and the same job need to be repeated on an ongoing basis to sustain the growth. Be it a well-established eCommerce company or an entrepreneur who is trying to set up a space in the eCommerce industry, listing the products effectively and showcasing the product to the customers is…


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