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Coaching for everyone, not just leadership

When we created Cyma Limited, my business partners and I set out from the very start to do things differently. We wanted to find interesting and innovative ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors - those organisations that we compete with for work and those we compete with for employees.

Finding the right people to join the team has been one of the hardest…


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ShEO venture applications are open: Do you have a business idea?

You may have seen the recent post What does business look like when driven and funded by women? SheEO is now active in Aotearoa New Zealand, and if you have a business idea you now have the opportunity to apply for one of the low-interest loans, while being supported…


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"All I want is a Good Life"

When asked the question “If you could have anything you wanted, be anything you wanted, do anything you want, tell me what would your life look like?” One student replied “all I want is a good life.” For me that sums up what we all want for the students we work with.

At the end of the MAPS (Making Action Plans) session all the participants at the meeting, including the facilitators were asked to give a word or phrase to describe how they felt.…


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Student Voice Revolution: The Meaningful Student Involvement Handbook

You may be familiar with the amazing work done by Adam Fletcher and his work around student voice, and his keen interest in personal engagement in education for K-12 students, as well as adult learners.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the…


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5 traits of leadership that will set you apart

By Ellie Walburg on July 20, 2017 (original post; crossposted in full with permission from John Hawthorne 08/08/17).…


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Preparation for the MAPS process

For the process to be successful the preparation before the meeting is very important. The process is explained to students individually and examples of past MAPS are shared. Also the parents were sent information about the process and given the option of a regular IEP meeting or a MAPS one.  The number of people invited depends on whom the student and their family wish to share the experience with.

In a MAP people giving input have been invited by the…


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Meeting the needs of culturally diverse clients by enhancing employee cultural understandings

Coaching, with its focus on listening, questioning, and exploration of self, especially values and beliefs, can be a highly effective way to develop understanding of a range of cultures. Such understandings have a positive impact on a person’s own - and where coaching is used throughout a business - all employees’ ability, to comprehend differences in communication and how…


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Future Focused

Sitting listening to Derek Wenmouth talk about adapting education for the is something we all know and something most of us also believe is a problem that needs solving......but it is only as I sit here as a Principal on a first time principal's course....that I am realising that I actually am now in a position to actually try and do something to try and evince change!

But how to go about this??? 

Do we as a school take this opportunity of rapid change and turmoil…


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Students being able to determine their own learning program.

As the Y9’s transition to secondary school from intermediate we realised that decisions made at this time influenced the availability of future options and ultimately the role the individual may play in society. How could we give the students a sense of agency and control over their classroom programme. We wanted to enable the students to have the understanding, ability, and opportunity to be part of the learning design.…


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A resource that brings together freelancers, business owners, and agencies...for free!

As Lucy Adams wrote in her blog post, "with the increasing attractiveness of working from home gigs, the internet has become one of the primary resources of jobs for freelancers" - and I would…


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Principal wellbeing!

According to Dr Phil Riley we are going to die of heart attacks very soon!

Th Principal well bing survey is a tool being used across 3 countries so far that is showing worrying trends in the workload and stress school leaders endure.

I have yet to complete this survey...and I am now concerned that when I do I will get one of those red flag emails

I run every day and as yet have not…


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Top 10 tips for online course design - making your courses 'sticky'

With online courses how do you make them 'sticky'? How do you help participants, after they have started your course, remain engaged and motivated?
Good questions, and ones I was asked a short while ago by some clients. So, I thought I would post some of the ideas I shared with them.
With all of the following ideas, I have either worked with clients to add…

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Download your copy of the future of learning

The Future…


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The 2017 Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship is available

The 2017 Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship is available for the international students who have completed at least an undergraduate degree. The fellowships are open for any country to which there is an active Fulbright U.S.

Funds for travel, a living stipend, and health benefits as well as a modest professional allowance will be…


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Ivy League Professors Exhort Their Students and All Students to --- Think for Yourself

Some Thoughts and Advice for Our Students and All Students…


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If schools continue as stand-alone insular institutions they will continue to be dealt out of the play - what do you reckon?

Mal Lee and Roger Broadie have written an article entitled, "The Impact of the Unintended on the Digital Education of the World’s Young, 1993 – 2016", which draws from their research. The article describes an alternative perspective to that suggested by many education authorities and global government…


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What does business look like when driven and funded by women?

In the following erudite and compelling video, Vicki Saunders shares some of her formative experiences in business. One that stood out for me was the time when she was heading up her business, having become increasingly successful, she was advised that she could not be the CEO when the business went public, because the CEO would need to be a man. Since that time (and yes, she took the advice, one of her few regrets) Vicki has come across many other similar women, who have had the same…


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Making visible the significant differences between people...

Diversity management is the deliberate, unwavering pursuit, when managing employees and working with clients, to ‘make visible’ “all of the significant differences between people, including perceptions of differences ... such as our thinking styles or beliefs and values (Australian Multicultural Foundation, 2010, p. 8).

At TEDx Auckland 2012, Philip Patston…


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Monkey business

This post, by Nick Major, was originally published as part of a uChoose newsletter in September 2017. uChoose is a mentoring and coaching programme offered by CORE Education.

September is here and Spring has sprung. This is the time we are encouraged to tidy up, declutter and breathe new…


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