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William Noel: Revealing the lost codex of Archimedes

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This video is well worth a watch and will no doubt stimulate some lively discussion around knowledge building. 

The Web of ancient manuscripts of the future isn't going to be built by institutions. It's going to be built by users … people who just want to curate their own glorious selection of beautiful things.” (William Noel)

The future of the web - for individuals to be their own curators of information, knowledge, identities - is so brilliantly worked through here - I'm stunned about the 3 texts deconstructed through amazing technological advances. Institutional knowledge available to the 'common man' is a long-awaited and radical flip on the bastions of power who have long held control of who gets what knowledge and what becomes of that knowledge/who benefits. I love the vision of destabilising this especially in a world where, despite us having the means to do so, we are increasingly blinded by multiple 'distractions' from critical information to divert us from debatable political/economic actions. 

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What an eye-opening presentation...and what a labour of love!! I found it fascinating that what once was hidden was then found by people who had the curiosity to take it further - to find out 'what' they had found. And then, as you say, Merryn, they have made it open such that other folk with curiosity can access and build patterns in and from the data. The process of restoring the book has, in a way, made something that was a multi-layered construct of distractions, into something that is way simpler to access. It is the true democratisation of data.

Something I feel needs to worked on to ensure this continued vision of a shared knowledge base and creation of knowledge is the openness to sharing, and the systems such as Creative Commons that enable this. There is a great example of one such initiative with students here,  Diana Graber states in this post "For most of us, it’s difficult to get a real sense of appreciation for copyright law is until we've created a piece of work we feel is worthy of protection. In other words, it helps to have a little skin in the game". Maybe this is why many folk sit on the fence when it comes to copyright versus 'open'?


Thanks for sharing a really interesting video, Merryn :-)


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