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Looking for free, quality images to use in your blog posts and on social media?

Getty Images has given 35 million free pictures to bloggers.

Free to use, high quality images.

: ) 

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What an amazing resource! I hadn't reaslised until I went to visit the site that it's not only images, but also video footage and music!

Yesterday, by chance, I came across this (not quite so extensive resource, but still useful) resource, which has royalty free photos: Most of which are free in the smaller sizes as long as you attribute on the page on which the image is used.

I've just found a couple of wee fishhooks with the Getty images...but, as one blogger says "Unless you're the sort to cut off your nose to spite your face, you suddenly have a huge selection of images available to you for appropriate use" (source)!

The main one was the fact that you have to embed or Tweet an image, rather than link to it and attribute manually. This isn't a biggie I guess, although not every platform will cope with iframes :-)

The other one is a bit more troubling. This blogger points out that "given its scale and popularity, Getty Images embeds may appear on a significant number of different sites that a single user visits. That would allow Getty to correlate more information about a user's browsing history than any single site could. That information, in turn, is subject to government requests, sales to data brokers, or even breaches or leaks" (source). There's never such a thing as a free lunch, but it has made me think twice about using the images, especially as the company has "certainly thought about" monetizing usage data" (source)...

Would be good to hear your thoughts :-)

I hear your concerns Hazel and agree that it is worth a second thought. 

In my ongoing search for images for my presentations, also recently came across this list of free image sources.

On working my way through the list, some require complicated sign up and others have conditions that I am not prepared to live with but there are plenty to choose from - take a look and see what you think.

: ) Catriona

This is a very cool list :-) You're the best!

I've been using Pixabay ( recently, and it has a wide range of great images. The only that caught me out the other day was clicking on the Shutterstock image range, which appears at the top of the page when you search. However, it is clearly marked...and now I know I won't go there unless I want to pay for images. Mind you, having also used Shutterstock, I must say their images are reasonably priced, and good quality.

I was really pleased to see Compfight (, because Flickr has just 'upgraded' (hmmm), meaning it's tricky to see the licensing, and the Chrome attribution plugin no longer works! So, Compfight being able to "search through Flickr’s Creative Commons listed photos...[and] automatically generate the html code to insert photo credit" is a bonus!!

I'll join you on the working through the list, and maybe we could have a top 5 (easiest to use; find images on, and sign up to maybe?)...just a thought :-)

That's a great idea Hazel and I have already made quite a start. I am loving Gratisography after skipping over PicJumbo as the sign up conditions put me off. I have been using Morguefile for a few years and like it too and am now exploring Photopin - like Pixabay, it has the shutterstock (paid) images at the top of the page but once you know this and scroll further down there are free images.

Anyone using any of the other sites? Please share.


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