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I am having a real blast with Google docs (since my experience using it at the Face to Face VPLD) and my students at school.

Blended learning (hybrid learning) is alive and well at Ruapehu College.  I have groups working on preparing documents collaboratively from which they can study for their exams.  Once they think they have a good document constructed, I am encouraging them make a copy to save for themselves just in case any one of them tries to sabotage the document later.  It is a great way for them to see something that they have made, and be able to use it for revision for exams.  

The students were instantly engaged with the fact that there was a chat facility, even one with their teacher looking in on it and checking and suggesting edits here and there.


This is how I did it.


First I made a SAUCE inquiry sheet that they worked on by themselves. Once they had spent a couple of periods on that I introduced them to Google docs and asked them to answer the same questions in the same format but all make sure that their ideas were on there and told them it was so they had a good document from which they could study.  Those students who hadn't done much originally or didn't know what to do were instantly buoyed by the idea that they could contribute even on a small scale.  I asked them to find images which showed the problems that they were researching.


One student chatted to me that she didn't know what to do and I asked her for the definition, she put it in chat quite happily and when I replied, that's a really good definition, she posted it onto the group document.  It really gave her the confidence to help out and her knowledge has grown so much now.

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Thank you for sharing such a positive experience with Google docs.  Working together collaboratively your students are helping each other to learn, and taking the pressure off you.  Here's an idea, take all the key terminology for your class and put it in a Google doc.  Ask the class to take two key terms each, and ask them to explain them in the Google doc. Then have everyone comment on two key terms that are not their own.  Once again the students are doing the practice and the learning and you are designing the learning experiences! 

Find our more about using Google applications here  

Thank you, Diana!  

I have also had the students working on a glossary and improving it collaboratively, I like the way you have them doing that in a more structured way.  


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