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Would you enjoy freelancing: Some pros and cons

Shared originally by the marvellous Jane Nicholls - the folks at Bright Side have shared some great cartoon images comparing freelancing positions with or full-time office employment. The invite us to: "If you have ever wondered about the differences, take a look at these beautiful illustrations showing what working from home is like compared to a regular office job" (source).

I have only included about half of the illustrations - head over to the Bright Side page to see all of them.

Illustrated by Igor Kalashnikov for

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Comment by Hazel Owen on December 6, 2016 at 23:28

I hear you!! The vacation and getting sick ones really resonated for me too! 

I have only included about half of the illustrations (rest are on the Bright Side page). In the other illustrations they do cover things like celebrating Christmas for example. The social engagement side is definitely a challenge. I find it means I have to be good about jumping into Skype for a catch up with friends, or making plans to meet them for coffee or similar - but in the workplace it is way easier to socialise.

Comment by Jessica Carrell on December 6, 2016 at 19:56

Nice illustration! I especially like the "Response to Bad Weather" part :) One thing that they didn't cover is social engagement, which I think is a disadvantage for freelancers.

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