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Will it take thousands of dollars to make your website accessible.

Here's a followup post about my attempts to get my local school system to address the issue of making their institutional website meet US accessibility requirements.  

I'm waiting to see how the Trump administration deals with civil rights legislation.  There's been a lot of speculation, but I prefer to wait for something concrete.

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Comment by Hazel Owen on January 17, 2017 at 16:52

Really insightful post as always Ray - thank you for sharing :) Great that the response from the response you received from the superintendent was so speedy and proactive - but what a shame that the companies she then approached appeared to be so ... flippant! 

I really like the idea, however, that you mentioned around computer science students working on the issue. Some of the benefits would be the raising of student awareness of the importance of accessibility, and a greater sense of understanding of the fundamental impact of design on usability. This focus could even be part of a wider social science project focus with groups of students collaborating to (re?) design a school's website, which could include going through a design thinking process to design and develop a site that met the needs of the users in their immediate context.

I also did a quick bit of digging around after reading your post. I couldn't see any funding available in NZ, Australia, or the UK for organisations to work on the accessibility of their websites, although there was funding for, for instance, for people who live with blindness or low vision around tools to assist access to online spaces. There may also be discretionary funding (e.g. through lottery organisations) that communities may be able to draw on to draw on support to make a community web site accessible. :)

I also put the Ethos Community Web site through this tool: Some of the elements identified are part of the 'out of the box solution' (Ning), but there are some elements I can (and will) easily work on such as the contrast...and the ALT tags for images :)

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