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When We Keep Doing the Same Thing, How Can we Expect Change.....

Linda Ojala shared the following video and reflections in a blog post a while back. The video is, in some ways, a challenge to the current education system, as well as an indictment of standardised testing. However, the implication is, when changes are made then students can take the freedom they have to explore and learn without the rigid frameworks and behavioural expectations that can stifle enjoyment and undermine a positive sense of self-identity.

Linda writes

"I'm often quite inspired listening to Gary Stager and this is well worth a look if you haven't seen it already. For me it talks about "meaningful learning" in "self directed contexts" - what can be achieved and how kids can be motivated if in control of their learning pathways.

I found it challenging and left me reflecting on my own teaching - wondering how possible it would be to do something like this in our NZ classrooms. I think I do it in bits.... and 'Inquiry' would sit alongside what he is talking about in terms of deeper learning."

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