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What every teacher in NZ should have. Digitally speaking!

This is my list of ICT tools that every teacher must have, in every class, in every school.
1. A RSS reader like Google reader to collect new articles from webites that they like
2. A digital curation tool like Diigo, or Evernote so that every website or online article that they ever find, and go WOW!, can be stored for future reference.

3. A Youtube channel so they can save all videos that they use (or create) to playlists which are readily available.
4. An online educational community where they can ask questions, answer questions and receive great advice and pd.
5. A Twitter account which they can tweet away their discoveries and find all the PD they would want 24/7 
6. An e-portfolio where they can record their pd and their career highlights and create a CV with digital evidence.
7. An online collaborative site where they can work on shared documents like Google Drive
8. Access to resources for their teaching and learning, and pd records, 24/7 is this N4L?
9. A video camera and still camera, and phone all in one
 10 A reliable tablet (i-pad preferred)and VGA cable to connect to a digital projector and screen.
 And, did I say, they should know how to use them all as well. Is there anything you would add?

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Comment by Hazel Owen on March 11, 2013 at 14:44

Great list :-) One thing I might add is some sort of 'portal' or way of pulling all these tools together so that I don't have to remember to check things out (although a tool that uses RSS enables this to a certain extent. I guess Ning is one way of doing this (with the advantage that things such as Twitter are built in for the push aspect, and it's simple to set up the 'pull' side visually too). I also use the free tool Netvibes a lot - and built an ePortfolio space with it too.

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