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What coaching and mentoring is...and isn't

A lovely overview from Sarah Whiting, about what coaching and mentoring is...and isn't, and a couple of the options available through CORE Education.

The description from the Edtalks site reads:

Sarah Whiting, facilitator for CORE Education, discusses the role of coaching and mentoring in teaching. She talks about how important it is that coaching and mentoring happens alongside people, providing support in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. Sarah explains how coaching and mentoring has two different options for the way it may work in schools. One as an external partner, providing unbiased and sometimes different points of view, and the other where a school may want to develop a coaching and mentoring relationship that helps them to make changes from within the school's existing structure. Sarah discusses the different ways schools can use the coaching and mentoring support offered by CORE and how important it is that schools build their capacity in this area to become their own coaching and mentoring community so that the skills become embedded in the education system.



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