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A slice of life in revisited: Teaching in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan

A quick note from Hazel first...this is a post that Peter first made in 2011. However, I feel that it's well worth visiting, as it offers a glimpse of a slice of life, and teaching, in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.

After finally getting the invite and finding time to sort out the application along with developing the implementation of new syllabus, getting to know the new students and the new school I feel I may as well spend 5 minutes talking to the other members.

I'm working in Kazakhstan in a town to the South East, well over towards the Chinese border - Taldykorgan.  It's on Google Earth and looks quite colourful - It is at the moment.  We are heading to winter, and it is starting to cool down as a prelude to the snow.  The mountains over towards the border are already white capped (since mid Sept).  We do reasonably well, only about 2 feet of snow and it gets down to about -20, so not too bad.  (What am I saying last winter I was in Oman and it got down to +17).

The School is a new venture, 2 years old, it is part of the Presidents initiative to improve education across the country. There are currently 12 schools and that is due to get up to 20 in the next year or so.  Students are English 3rd language, already having Kazakh and Russian, but they are working on IELTS for eligability for international universities. 

The resources are good, Promethean boards in most rooms and about 10 computers in most rooms.  Lots of ICT based work. 

Seems to be a motivated group, of selected students, some schools are 8 or 9 times oversubscribed.  As a result there is an emphasis on the work, and students are looking to how to get the higher grades.

I'm delivering all theory via google sites, and this is being built up for the syllabus (ICDL v5.0) and linking in to the existing IGCSE material.  Practicals are reasonably well supported with published exercises for most units.

Looking to use CLASSMARKER again for on line testing I find it easy to set up and the results are quick, done by the computer and sent to me :) 

Want to get some eportfolios set up, Don't all shout Mahara at once, but need to match the tech and the ability to the requirements.

Look forward to speaking with individuals in a little more detail over the coming months.



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Comment by Hazel Owen on October 7, 2011 at 14:59

Thanks for sharing your experiences so far, Peter. It sounds pretty full on, and I must admit the thought of -20 is...well, I can't start to imagine it!


Was really interested in hearing about the students and their focus on working hard for good grades. What / where will they be working once they graduate? What sort of age group are they?


I haven't used Classmarker - will have to go and have a look. Anyone else here used it at all? And ePortfolios - there is quite a lot of interest in the community around ePortfolios so please jump in with questions.


Thanks again, Peter.

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