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Want some guidance around writing learning outcomes? Try the learning outcomes authoring tool

Many thanks to Conor Bolton who recently shared these online learning outcome authoring tools. The first is the ‘Co-generative Toolkit’ - CegentT the development of which was funded by JISC. The tool has four main parts - the vocabulary, outcome, task and design builders (read more about them here). I found the tool, even though it has a focus on the UK qualification system, really easy to use. It has enough depth to be a real help in the development of learning outcomes, especially if you are involved in the tertiary or VET sector.
For more or a school-relevant tool, Conor also linked to the Learning Outcomes Authoring Tool. It has a very simple interface. You start by expanding the 'Setting the stage' and/or 'Learning skills taxonomies' headings. You are then provided with example stems that help kick start the learning outcome writing process. Each of the items has a handy explanation pop up that you can access by clicking the magnifying glass icon.

An example of one such explanation and set of guidelines about learning outcomes in general is: "What do you want your students to learn as a result of the lesson? Follow the three-step process below for creating learning objectives.

1. Create a stem

2. After you create the stem, (first, Select a Taxonomy, second, a Learning Domain, third, a Skill) and then a verb to add

3. One you have a stem and a verb, determine the actual product, process, or outcome Identify behaviors, conditions, and criteria needed for performing and assessing to write expected outcomes and performance objectives".

Really worth taking a look if you are involved in any form of teaching ... or learning - can be a real eye opener! :-)

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