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Sunday afternoon I visited two plant nurseries just to look.
I was not shopping at all.
I needed a break from looking at computer monitors.

There I found a staggering variety of shapes, sizes and colors.
I do not visit there often so I keep forgetting what it was like.
I forget how many different kinds of ferns, ground cover, cactus, flowers, etc.
The quiet walking and observing was refreshing.
When I was at these nurseries I did not have significant feelings except to be wowed by the varieties.
In Dallas the winters are mild.
Currently the tress are bare and there is very little color in terms of grass or flowers,
Yet at the nursery it was like walking inside a huge box of crayons.

All I was going to write was the first part about the variety and let it go at that.

But upon reflection I noticed the overlapping systems that made that experience possible.
For me there is beauty and grace in those dynamics I had not noticed before.
My assignment was to notice something then write about it.
The intention is to become more mindful.

Then when I returned home I reflected on another dimension that was not obvious.
Every nursery is the byproduct of nature and humans working in harmony.
Nature had started the ball rolling then humans got involved.
The involvement of humans was graceful in many ways.

I could walk a few minutes down the aisles and see many different kinds of plants.
That kind of tight packed variety could not occur in the wild.

Some of the flowering plants were offered in many colors.
Surely at some stage humans were involved to craft these colors.

The plants were strong and healthy due to their breeding and the rich soil.
Also there were staff members to provide the right amount of water on time.

This was a commercial operation so the plants were displayed in handy take home pots.
Outside there were piles of bags with all kinds of mulch, soils and fertilizers.
I appreciate the convenient ways the retailer interfaces with the customers.

This retail outlet was supplied by more than a few wholesale operations.
Those wholesale operations were supplied by greenhouses for nurseries.
Many smart and hardworking business people had made these units affordable.

Some customers pushed large carts used at nurseries.
In a short time they could load their cart, check out and go home.
At home in a short time what had been in the store is transplanted.
From the far away greenhouses to their residence that journey is complete.

Using a modest amount of time and money small samples of nature are near.
This includes indoor and outdoor plants.
Plant care needed for each kind varies from zero, to some and to much.
Still for a sterile house or empty garden to have lovely life is a little amazing.

After the plants reach their new home the stewardship dance continues.
The new owner and the plant interact with the micro environment near the plant.
The visual feasts and delights of gardening have dispersed from the store I visited.

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