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As a big believer in strength based approaches to living and working, I decided to catch up with a bit of 'light' reading and took a wee peek at the Gallup 'State Of The Global Workplace'Executive Summary. 

As with similar reports, it beings with an overview of the lay of the land, talking about how we are in a stage of unprecedented change caused by the increase in:

  • digitisation and automation
  • access to information
  • globalisation of markets.

It then digs a little deeper into the reasons for this and how since the global recession, just under 10 years ago, there as been only 3% growth in domestic product productions and widespread unemployment- particularly amongst young people.

Although shocking, some of these facts are certain not new and so it brings to the forefront of so what, well that is where the rest of the article comes into the play.

Based on a wide-wide study, they found of the adults who worked full time for an employers, on average, only 15% felt engaged (in terms of being highly involved and enthusiastic) in what they do. NZ/Aus came in just below this average with 14% engagement. 

Pause for a moment, 

I know shocking that means that roughly 7/8 of our global workforce is dis-engaged in what they do. As quoted in the report, this really is a 'stunning amount of wasted potential'. 

When I read this, my heart sank, surely everyone is entitled to enjoy what they do, feel valued and supported. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, there is possibilities to flip this figure on it's head and boost not only satisfaction but productivity across the global. And for that to happen this story of course needs a hero, well a change in mindset and practice at the very least. If governments and businesses alike were to use strategies that empower citizens and employees then real change is possible. 


The strategies in this wee toolkit are straightforward in thinking and yet require a huge amount of commitment to change a culture. They include:

  • Moving to an employee-centred world where people are put before process
  • Orientating performance management systems around basic human needs
  • Allowing individuals to identify, develop and use their natural talents so they become strengths
  • Granting greater input and autonomy to use these strengths
  • Allowing employees to be intrapreneurs (pursuing entrepreneurial goals that benefit the organisation)
  • Focusing on wellbeing- adjusting and adapting to individuals

If these strategies are invested in then the outcomes are not only positive for the individual but for the company, country and world as a whole. Imagine what a dynamic place we would be then.

With this in mind, I have been left pondering of my own experiences and interactions and wondering what actions I do or could take to support this movement. Here are some things that popped into my mind:

  • Personally, rediscover my strengths and align with my values and obligations. Also I want to discover what my intrapreneur actions might be. 
  • Professionally: In coaching and mentoring, this time of thinking and behaviour is a must so how can I support schools, companies and such to change their culture from being about process to being about people? I also wonder about the times, when barriers have been put up and wonder how to encourage to accept without blame the reality and take action to address it.

Anyway, I would love to know other people's thoughts on this summary and realities, so share away. :0) 

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