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So it is term 1 2018....I haven't posted since mid term 4 2017...I have no idea how we have sped through the months...but we have!

Last year i started my dream job...leading learning at my own school..a huge honour since I have only been qualified for 7 years.

In my teaching career I have health with huge highs and severe be honest more lows than highs...and I think it is the lows that taught me the most....they taught me about the huge dedication and passion that abounds within the teaching profession...and that nearly every teacher you meet wants badly to do well for their kids...

Unfortunately sometimes they spend too long exposed to leadership that have lost their way...that are focused on furthering their careers ( I guess in one way people could assume I am one of those given how quickly I have gotten to where I am)

What this seems to have caused to a lack of trust and a misunderstanding of how we support our teachers ..the people who day to day are the light..or not of our students lives.

They deserve to be treated with respect for their story...for understanding of what has happened in their careers...and with support to move forward and be the best they can be for their students.

I am now trying 100% to be the leader I wish I had had as a teacher ...and I am doing it " my way" bullying of staff, no stupid expectations ...just open, data driven conversations...and the question...'what can I do to help you to address this?"

After my first 6 months as principal..I am now starting to freak out a bit...i seem to have built utopia..and everyone is on the ship with's to me managing not to make a mis-step in my it lasts:)

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