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The ten worst things you are doing with your smart phone

Originally shared by Diana Ayling (on this site), this blog post offers and insight into, and some strategies around how to avoid making smartphone security mistakes. If you cast your eyes down the initial 10 worst things, you may spot at least one that you have a tendency to about why it isn't such a good idea.

Good advice from Popular Mechanics on how to protect your smart phone. Please share with colleagues and students. 

The 10 Worst Things You're Doing With Your Smartphone (Popular Mechanics)

"Despite increasing threats to smartphones, security still seems lax among most users. Millions of people make these smartphone security mistakes every day.

  1. Skipping security software
  2. Ignoring software updates
  3. Skipping passwords or PINs
  4. Jailbreaking or rooting
  5. Answering texts from strangers
  6. Using public Wi-Fi networks
  7. Downloading malicious apps
  8. Clicking dangerous links
  9. Infecting your computer via your phone
  10. Assuming you won't be attacked"

Protect yourself. Read the rest of the article >>>

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