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The contribution of teacher effectiveness maps and the TACTICS framework to teacher leader professional learning

Over 12 months ago, whilst still in the classroom, I had the opportunity to co-author a research publication around the role of Teaching as Inquiry and how to support teachers in structuring their in class research and learnings. Finally it has arrived and I wanted to share this piece of work with you all.


Improving the quality of learning outcomes for all learners represents a major target for the organisers of the 2015 World Education Forum in Korea. Enhancing the effectiveness of what teachers do in the classrooms is a key strategy for reaching this target. This paper seeks to provide some insights into the use of Teacher Effectiveness Maps (TEMs) and the associated targeting, analysing, contextualising, translating, interpreting, changing, suggesting (TACTICS) framework as strategies for educators and governments seeking to document the nature and impact of professional learning activities for improving the quality of learning outcomes for all learners. The USA’s concept of ‘Teacher Leader’ and principles teacher professional learning provide a conceptual lens for interpreting the impact of using these strategies. Despite the limitations of a pilot size of two, the results offer some useful insights about designing and documenting teacher leader professional learning activities for improving the quality of learning outcomes for all learners. The authors identify the integration of collaborative teacher leader professional learning and the use of TEMs as promising practices for improving the quality of learning for all learner in the post-2015 era among the benefits linked to this research agenda.

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Comment by Sarah Whiting on December 19, 2015 at 21:50

Great question Hazel. For me the biggest take away came from the combination of my experience and the co-authoring. It is around the digging deeper into my practice and the pivotal role that the co-authors had in helping me to effectively reflection on what was happening and why. Really does make a difference having a team to be held accountable too (in a positive way).

Comment by Hazel Owen on December 17, 2015 at 15:13

Thanks so much for sharing Sarah. It's a valuable piece of research, in particular as the paper unpacks teaching as inquiry in depth, and adds the layers of required complexity that folks using teaching as inquiry sometimes miss.

A wondering - if you had to choose one stand out takeaway from the paper - and/or your experience of co-authoring the paper what would it be?

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