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Story of change: From Digital Doubter to Tech Guru

The Edsurge team always have nuggets of news, and links to often thought provoking articles and opinion pieces. One item in a recent newsletter caught my eye. Often educators are seen as either tech savvy and eLearning focussed...or not. Jennie Magiera's story describes her journey from Digital Doubter to Tech Guru; where she shifts from openly mocking her friends who had bought iPads “pointing out that they had just bought a 'giant iPhone that can’t make calls'." (source), to one where she is very aware of the potential of eLearning to make "our classrooms...creative, innovative and outstanding places to learn" (source). One of the things she credits with her shift in thinking is some intensive professional development she had the opportunity to participate in.

The Edsurge team wrote the following in their newsletter:

Kudos to Jennie Magiera, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Teacher, and Digital Learning Coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership in Chicago. You may have exchanged words of wisdom with her in this EdWeek webinar or stumbled acrossresources on her blog, but before the fancy tech titles and tireless PLN contributions, Magiera was more likely to ridicule a classroom of iPads before facilitating a personalized learning environment. In this DOE blog post, Magiera reveals how even though she once thought edtech to be "'bells and whistles,'" her students' lack of digital access led her to apply for an iPad grant. And though she's a math teacher, the rest is well, history. It's an excellent read for the digitally-averse seeking new ways to engage their students and expand their own professional learning.

To read the whole article, please click here.

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