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Star Wars has Theology, Doctrines and an Online Temple of Jedi Order

Star Wars is not just a hugely popular group of movies but it is more.

I came on the following materials that opened my eyes to the deeper levels of this.

While I enjoy the movies, I do not obsess over the matters between viewings. Yet there are millions of passionate fans all over the world that have the posters, action figures, and costumes a part of their life.

There are untold numbers of fan-based websites that track every detail. Here is an example,_newcomers

Disney bought the franchise and will likely produce a movie each year for a very long time. They will also sell products that will appeal to children. So this will be deeply in the thinking of many millions of people for decades.

Note that there is no such marketing machine as Disney behind Star Trek, the Matrix or Downton Abbey.

I am not saying that all this is bad, evil or wrong. It is a cultural matter that crosses generations and countries. As Christians, we need to be alert to the messages that are indirectly being communicated in a very appealing way. It addressed religious themes using storytelling.

These next few videos made me aware of the worldview or theology and doctrines that are suggested by dialogue, the key moments in the movies and the repeated themes.

Notice what is said during the very first of the Lessons from Toda video. It says that people are converting to Jedi as their religion. And on census data in many countries that is a growing trend.

Star Wars Symbolism: Lessons from Yoda  

According to the Temple of the Jedi Order here are the key doctrines defined and some text sermons.

46 text sermons

What comes to my attention is that Scientology began in 1954 and it is based on science fiction kinds of themes. They claim to be a church and are in many countries.

Mormonism began in the 1820 and is growing still. It came out of nowhere.

I am not advocating a boycott or sermons against Star Wars.

I am asking you as an individual and especially as a parent to be alert to the indirect messages.

One of the many roles that I find myself in as a writer is that of a watchman on the wall. I have the opportunity as a retired person to do more research and reflection than before retirement.

I seek to be a good steward of my time and talents for the glory of God.

I have many other kinds of messages to offer. My intention is to always communicate the truth in love. I trust that the truth will set people free. I must wrap any truth that I share in love.

Please pray for God to grant me wisdom and discernment about this and related matters. May the Lord grant me eyes to see and ears to hear. May He use me to communicate truth-filled messages in loving ways to the Body of Christ. May He prepare them to receive and respond in timely ways.

That is the core of my message this time. Now for your bonuses.


Carrie Fisher played Princess Leia first in 1977 at 20 years old.

She died in 2016, yet boys and girls that are not yet born will fall in love with her.

A Tribute To Carrie Fisher

Note in this video that her mother, Debbie Reynolds, died the very next day. But future generations will not fall in love with Debbie and wear costumes like her in the coming years.

The Untold Truth Of Carrie Fisher

Did you know that the color of the lightsaber has meaning?

Star Wars Symbolism: Lightsabers

It is said that the first Star Wars movie was saved in editing.

How Star Wars was saved in the edit

What George Lucas says about the background, deep themes and his motives.

George Lucas talks good and evil, mythology, religion, creativity


In these and other interviews I have seen George Lucas says he asked the question as a child that if there is one God then why are there so many religions. He pondered this for many years. And came to be mentored by Joseph Campbell who compared and drew out the common themes of the myths of all centries and all peoples. He wanted to bring the core concepts of those many myths to this modern generation. So consider that many generations ago people quoted the Greek plays and Shakespeare. These days they quote popular lines on Star Wars. This informs their worldview and how they see their place in life.

Lucas says that he believes there is a God and the many religions are different containers for faith. That is not a Christian message. But it is a welcomed relief from the loud mouth atheists.


Brother John

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