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Something students could use to create superb resources? Open Tapestry

You may remember Folksemantic (a social platform for finding and sharing open content), and mourned its passing. Apparently the developers have been working on something a wee bit different called Open Tapestry. The application helps users find content for learning, and then re-structure it, mash it up, and build new pages from open content to create personalised 'open' learning resources.

A couple of the neat things I noticed that could make this a great tool for learners to create resources (for peers, and for a global audience) are:

  • It has automatic license tracking, so it's easy to make sure you include the appropriate attribution (and could lead to some great discussions around digital citizenship)
  • There are already some open licensed examples of Open Tapestry 'courses' available
  • There is a free version with enough features to make it useful
  • It integrates with other platforms, such as Google Docs, simply and easily.

I've included the video below, and it would be really great to hear what you and your students think if you give it a go...and even better to see some examples if you're keen to share :-p

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