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Something else for your eZine "shelf"

Nigel Bailey advises try this for a good read, some interesting articles in here and its free to subscribe:


In this issue there is an article about technology broadening student learning opportunities - makes for good reading and a useful resource for taking to Principals".


Thanks for this, Nigel. I hadn't seen the eMagazine before, and was impressed by the practical tips.

There is a very good article entitled How can research inform education technology decisions, for example. To give you a taster: "Those who hesitate should consider an important question....What is the problem to which an iPad or a laptop is the solution?  Asking that question first uncovers a confused set of purposes surrounding the buying and using of high-tech devices and software for classrooms" (my emphasis).


In the most recent issue, I particularly liked the article about how to engage parent's in their children's learning...I felt there were some very good ideas.

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