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Some tools to have under your belt that will help protect your online privacy

Always an issue under discussion, privacy online and how concerned you need to be, is the focus of many a CIO, IT coordinator, teacher, and parent. No matter who you are, of what your views on sharing are, it is wise to keep up to speed with thinking about privacy especially if you are a regular user of social media.

The awesome team at Cyberwise have put together a neat set of tools to have "under your belt", as well as some resources to get you thinking. Below is an extract from their most recent newsletter, and a vide that they recommend.

We live in a world of "public by default, private by effort," said Microsoft Senior Researcher danah boyd during a recent lecture titled, Privacy, Ethics and Social Media: Understanding What You Think You See.

This effort she talks about is a constant challenge, particularly when many sites and social networks like Facebook continuously alter their default privacy settings without notifying users. These constant changes - "created to protect personal info" -- are tough for adult users to stay abreast of, let alone unwary youth. One solution is to have some tools under your belt that will help protect your online privacy, such as the one we recommend in this week's Cyber Civics blog post about passwords. To learn more about Online Privacy and more, check out this week's Newswise, it includes the terrific resources below and more.

The folks at Cyberwise also recommend the following video:

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