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Social Media and Professional Development

With the introduction of Social Media in our environment, Professional Development has been easier to access. There has also been more of an opportunity to share and reflect thoughts of learning with the use of blogging.

There are several ways in which I have been able to share ideas and learning across several portals using the blogging scenarios. The use of the Virtual Professional Learning Development Site has allowed me to discuss or offer ideas with like minded colleagues. The VPLD programme has been likened to the need to access learning through Virtual Learning.

According to the TKI (Te Kete Ipurangi) site Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) programme encompasses flexibility of choice, time, and approach. It is one of the only PLD that fits with what educators or leaders are already doing. Another state they look at is that Twenty-first century educators need to be “future oriented and adaptable to meet the learning demands of an increasingly complex world.”

However, according to the VPLD site, VPLD is funded and supported by Ministry of Education and facilitated by Core Education as part of the Te Toi Tupu consortium.

VPLD is one choice of Social Media I have been using as well as the use of Ethos Consultancy portal which also looks at similar ideas of the VPLD programme. With the Ethos community the aim of the site is to share effective practice, resources and ideas by encouraging discussion. With the incorporation of both VPLD and the opportunity I have been given to become a Mentor, I have felt fulfilment with a new found passion for learning. VPLD was a new way of learning and the fact that someone believed in me enough to make a difference humbled me more. 

Virtual Learning was a way for me to gain learning. The introduction of VPLD helped me gain confidence of my ability further a field than our school. It also helped me become more accepting of different ways to gather information and to read or listen to research. 

The use of our school portal under Ultranet has also been beneficial for modelling not only to our students but also to my colleagues who need more motivation to record their learning. 

Although the portals have allowed me to grow with confidence, I have always been quite reflective in terms of both my learning and teaching. The introduction of google forms has allowed me to learn simple ways to reflect and to save time. 

So, where to next? I would like to learn more with the use of Facebook to inform our families of what is going on and about how we can work collaboratively to improve student outcomes. Secondly, the use of Twitter to micro blog and introduce the concept to our students and staff. As time is always a factor within learning and teaching, @kidsedchatnz and twitter will help to produce succinct information and reflective practice no matter how we learn. 


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