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The  Virtual Professional Learning and Development (VPLD) programme is funded and supported by the Ministry of Education and facilitated by Core Education as part of the Te Toi Tupu Consortium Professional Learning and Development programme. It is based around an online Community of Practice which provides professional learning that is situated in a teacher's or Principal’s practice within their own school context. The VPLD provides complementary opportunities for collaboration and a strong base of mentoring and support. This programme has enabled me to plan and shape my own professional development at my own pace, when I need it, at a time convenient to me, with a mentor to guide me with her focus on the outcomes for me and my students. The sharing of effective practice that takes place and the appreciation of each others skills and knowledge encourages me to take risks in my teaching practice. We are on the same journey offering support to each other from across the education sector towards a common goal of wanting to enhance learning experiences and achievement of outcomes for students. As a result of this programme I have also grown in confidence, to share my skills, experience and practice, and have received formal recognition for my contributions to the school and wider educational community with the offer of leadership opportunities.

Twitter has given me new opportunities to connect to other learning communities and new educational content. The very nature of Twitter being brief and to-the-point and allowing for customisation of learning makes for rapid broadcast and consumption of learning. The great thing about Twitter is that it’s one great big conversation – and all I need to do is jump in or attend one of the many education-related Twitter chats that happen.  Hashtags also make it easy to organise tweets by topic and connect to communities of people interested in the same topic. I can fashion a digital newspaper in seconds out of Twitter. The ability to curate my favourite streams into a personalised real-time newspaper using The platform, with its access to an ever-expanding number of articles, blog posts, and rich media content, has enriched my professional development and saved me time. I produce one based around E-chat and E-tech the other around iPads and Game Based Learning. @vickeryl

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