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Sharing openly on the Internet: The solution or the problem?

Michael Winter shared the link to this video, writing, succinctly, "I think this is important".

I felt it was a powerful protest against many of the laws, legislations and policies that are being put together, including SOPA and ACTA - and yes, you can argue that the song's lyrics are America-focussed, and that President Obama did not support SOPA. The point is though that there are some conversations underway the world over that have serious implications for what, how and with whom we share and collaborate with over the Internet.

I was listening to something just the other day where there was a lot of head shaking and 'doom and gloom'. The suggestion is that without increasing security then cybercrime will erode business's Intellectual Property, wreck economies, and bring down countries.

I'm not sure what the answer is, but I would suggest that locking things down will actually only make things worse...raises the challenge bar, while preventing the openness that may actually be the solution to the issue. What are your thoughts?

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