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Here's an interesting article in discussing the impact of screens on the developing mind. Dr Aric Sigman, a psychologist who talks about the dangers of TVs for children, is quoted as saying, "... ideally, quite frankly, with children, wait as long as possible before they use technology for too many hours. There will be intellectual advantages for them." He discusses the decline of empathy in young people and how this could be associated to electronic media replacing face-to-face contact, and also has some guidelines on how much TV/computer time children should have.

On face value it seems a bit sensational and reminds me of stereotyped plain-jane-super-brains who preferred books to football. Was there ever a study that linked reading too many books with low empathy?

Examples of social interaction without technology! Sourced from flickr, creative commons (carrels).

Dr Sigman has his own website with links to his papers and publications. There is a more detailed paper on the site discussing the perils of using electronic media.

Does this have an impact on the use of technology for learning? Does this actually support the concept of blended learning, where technology-based and traditional learning methods are pulled together within a syllabus? Do we need to help people understand the limitations of different forms of interaction - online, on the phone, face-to-face?

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Comment by John Owen on August 25, 2010 at 17:55
I received this response from Josie Evans, coming at it from a more holistic angle ....

In my opinion
Screens damage young (and older brains) the impact of screens on the developing mind. As kids told not to sit too close to the TV, get square eyes. Old wives tales or not too much of TV and of any screen from laptops, gameing systems to the mobile phone. Creates bad habits, including spelling, use of lanuage, lingustics, from speech, listening, communication, behaviour issues, reading body language etc. Brains and the nervous system effects all aspects in life, having detremental effects to eyes, hearing, speach, cordination, many things we take for granted can be effected posture, back, neck, joint pains, injuries and long term issues effecting us all. Anything repetitive and duration can effect people in different ways and intensities. The list just goes on!


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