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Practical tips from Tracey Morgan about how to manage your emails

Following up from last month's post about email fatigue and a post looking at whether email at work is a help or a hindrance, here, from Tracey Morgan are some short, easily applied strategies for email etiquette. In her post Tracey makes some practical suggestions about, for example, making decisions on who to cc into a message and using Google docs rather than sending an attachment.

Tracey's original post can be accessed here: Email: make it easier for you and everyone else (posted on June 13, 2012).

"If you’re like me, you get hundreds of emails every single day. The subject line of those emails is the first thing you read and it becomes very helpful when searching for messages at a later date. With this in mind, it is really important that you consider what to put in the subject line when you create your message.

There are a lot of really useful rules that apply to email and here are a few that we think are the most helpful.

  • Make sure you have meaningful subject lines
  • Keep to one subject per email
  • Use the "cc" option when people need to be kept informed but don’t need to action anything
  • Think about "Reply" vs "Reply all". Who needs to know?
  • Resist sending fluff. “Me too”, is not very useful and takes time to open and read. Send the relevant information to the relevant people
  • If you are sending mail to lots of people, consider a mailing group and/or lists in Google contacts
  • Emails should be short. If you need to write lots, use a document instead
  • Think about sharing a google document instead of sending an attachment
  • Do you need to send an email? Could some other medium serve you better? Perhaps social media will do the trick (Facebook, Yammer, Twitter), CommUNIty or the OC
  • Check your...spam filters are set to the right level for you
  • Use Chrome when you are viewing webmail
  • Remember writing in all caps is not only hard to read but shouting

Don’t just take our word for it take a look at what other people say about Email

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