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How can we get parents to engage with Internet Safety?

Hi Ethos Community,

This is my first post and I'd like to thank Hazel for encouraging me to come aboard.

I'm the director of WeTheParents, an online parenting resource that has recently done a huge piece of work on Internet Safety.

Now, there are many online resources for Internet Safety, but here's the thing: most are old and dull!! (Yup, I've said it.)

Schools often link to one or two of these. But then, to make matters worse, even these resources aren't being promoted. They seem to be on the websites as part of a tick box exercise. Parents are simply not reading them.

In my opinion, getting clued up on internet safety is the most vital task that most parents are putting off. It doesn't seem urgent, hence, parents are putting it off until later.

Another issue is that the good resources out there are fragmented across the web and you need to know where to look.

At WeTheParents, we wanted to make a difference...

We decided to spend three months cherry-picking the most relevant and quality information and bringing it all together in one beautifully designed online resource:

Internet Safety 101: The Ultimate Parents' Guide

We have since been promoting it as a free resource that schools can link to. The idea is that it is easier to promote a single accessible, thorough, digestible, and good looking resource to parents. And so, hopefully, this will make it easier for educators to get parents to engage with Internet Safety.

Please take a look and share it if you find it useful.

I welcome your feedback and any thoughts you may have on the topic of effectively getting parents to engage with Internet Safety.

All the best,


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Comment by Neve Spicer on May 15, 2018 at 20:46

Thanks, Hazel. I'm very pleased to share it with this community and will continue do so with future parenting and teaching resources. This is a fantastic community and I'm pleased to now be a part of it. :)

Comment by Hazel Owen on May 15, 2018 at 14:52

Thanks for your post Neve. Really neat to read about your role in WeTheParents, and the online resources you have developed - especially the most recent: Internet Safety 101: The Ultimate Parents' Guide. It is, I feel, a great resource, and is jam packed full of useful, up-to-date information, advice and guidance for parents and anyone who cares for younger folk. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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