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Opening address (Martin Dougiamas, Moodle Moot 2010)

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Martin Dougiamas started by talking about the now 'mythical' Moodle 2 as it was the third time he had mentioned this at the Moodle Moot NZ.

There are now 49, 000 registered users of Moodle. The majority of Moodle users are universities, although the corporate trainers number has increased. The USA is the main user, followed by (in order of number of registered users) Spain, UK, Brazil, Germany, Portugal Mexico, Australia, Italy and Colombia.

How much code does develop for Moodle? It is still about 70% and the rest is developed and shared by the Moodle community.

Moodle 2 has a variety of major new features including repository integration, portfolio integration, and course completion. Files in Moodle 2 will be handled in a consistent synchronised way. There is going to be a new editor and creates much cleaner XHTML code.The resource module has been split up into 5 different modules (file, folder, page, URL, ims). There are two new blocks including a navigation block, and the navigation function can be docked at the side of the page so that it doesn't take up all the space on your screen (especially important if you are using a netbook or other wireless mobile devices. There is more emphasis on the My Moodle function, and when you click 'home' it will take you directly to the My Moodle page rather than to the list of courses.

The portfolio function is working well and you can push content out as well as pull it in. The integration between Moodle and Mahara will be vastly improved in Moodle 2. You will be able to search Flickr for tags, find images that you would like to use and pull them in to the Moodle site (a little like Zemanta), as well as You Tube, Google Docs etc.

All the updates look like they are going to improve both the look and feel of Moodle, as well as it's functionality. All that needs to happen now is for it to be released...!

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