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Online resources designed for teaching development

Teaching issues tend to be similar across schools, and the 'solutions' are transferable between disciplines, where a shift in pedagogy applies to all.

The JISC publication that looks at Emerging practice in a digital age is used by David Snell  and Jane Terell to highlight the question 'is there is a new paradigm for tertiary education?'. At Massey there is a new model of Professional Development, which is a shift away from the generic workshop model. The new model looks to fully exploit opportunities provided by new media and provides them with lifelong learning opportunities. With this as the underpinning agenda there is a move to develop a range of different initiatives including formal face-to-face formal online, informal face-to-face, and informal online opportunities.

There was a need to shift from generic to customised, which was a daunting job. The authors were given a brief to develop a raft of online resources. Videos were developed to enable academic staff to access colleagues' philosophies, ideas and experiences, and selected Massey teaching staff were chosen to help create the resources (although the process of identifying them was quite challenging). The aim of the content was to inspire, challenge preconceptions, motivate change, offer alternatives, and provide contacts and go-to people. The topics had to be genuine learning and teaching strategies in line with Massey expectations and desired outcomes. They also had to be demonstrable, specific acts of teaching that were linked to theory and practice.

The model is aligned with principles for sustainable change, which provides strong support at significant leadership levels.

You can read their entire paper (abstract below)

Professional development for teaching staff at Massey University has been comprehensively remodelled in order to foster teachers as “future makers”, exponents of models of teaching and learning that are suitable for effective 21st century knowledge creation and distribution. Given that the remodelling programme has strong support at significant levels of the university‟s leadership, it has a high chance of succeeding in its aims. This paper traces the initial stages of one project in the programme: the production of a suite of online resources featuring successful academic staff discussing aspects of their teaching. Loosely modelled on other online teaching development videos, the videos in the suite were envisaged to provide staff new to teaching, and those wishing of Massey University‟s leading practitioners operate. To help staff understanding at a deeper level, the suite included a series of brief information guides („flyers‟) aimed at helping staff understand the theoretical terms underpinning the video discussions. This is an initial report on an ongoing project (source)

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