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New Zealand's proposed Network for Learning: What could it look like?

At the end of 2011 Rachel Roberts reported on an important meeting that she attended in connection with the New Zealand Network for Learninginitiative, which will "progressively from 2013, ...provide schools with affordable, safe, ultra-fast internet access as well as a range of online content and centrally-procured services".

The VLN Community met with Marg McLeod, Acting Group Manager, Curriculum Teaching and Learning, and Eddie Reisch from the MOE. The image below illustrates some of the fundamental underpinnings of the Network that Marg indicated will include changing patterns of educational provision and more informed parents, communities, and then general public. The Network will be thechannel for education content and service delivery and this will have major implications for the way the Ministry and other agencies deliver content and services to schools.

Some of the expected benefits are:

  • more equitable access to online learning opportunities
  • more effective sharing of resources and knowledge
  • reduced ICT complexity and cost
  • increased operational efficiencies
  • improved connection and collaboration between learners, teachers, school leaders and school communities.
  • opportunity to move to more modern learning environments that support 21st Century education delivery
  • lift in student achievement through greater engagement driven by innovative approaches to teaching and learning

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