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Kia ora,

It has been a quieter week on the mailing list.  Report writing seems to be consuming you all currently.  What a wonderful time to celebrate the learning journey of 2014 and begin to think about your teaching inquiry for 2015.  I wonder if any of you encourage your learners to give you feedback or report on your year?  This report card for teacher form could provide a starting point for you.  


This week I am sharing with you the new resources on Assessment Online.

NEW resources on Assessment Online

Assessment online have just updated their ‘Reporting to Parents’ material for school leaders and teachers. Updated templates, models and examples have been provided to assist schools in developing their own reporting frameworks. The material was tested with key user-groups including schools and parents. It is all available at .

The new materials include:

Also included are the following pages:


Ready to Read Webinar

The new Ready to Read titles are making their way into schools. If you would like to learn more about the Ready to Read review or have questions about the review, you can register for the teachers’ Ready to Read webinar on Thursday, 20th November between 3.30 and 4...

It has been great to see the sharing on the mailing list around this exciting new resource.Please continue to share your thoughts, questions, learnings and insights with the community. We look forward to you joining us in the webinar on Thursday.


Snapshot for Teaching and Learning in Literacy Goal setting and reflection: Literacy learning supported by Google ... Powerful sharing by learners.  Do we explicitly allow time for reflection?

Children’s authors around New Zealand:

This week we showcased Kyle Mewburn.  Check out Kyle’s fun writing activity!  Can you set up a Kyle Mewburn display in the library? Do you have questions for Kyle?

Anne’s Literacy Links and Look ups…


Have a fabulous week!

Ngā mihi nui

Anne Kenneally

Literacy Online Facilitator

CORE Education


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Comment by Anne Kenneally on November 26, 2014 at 11:45

Hi Hazel, Thank you so much for the comment.  It is wonderful to have a response to the post.  Like you I had tears in my eyes when I read both posts Dear Parent, About that kid and I am “That” parent. My favourite ever lecturer instilled in us the value of never judging me until you walk 39 days in my mocassins.  I think these posts are a great reminder of the power of empathy, awareness, open-ness, and embracing diversity.  I love sharing updates in the Literacy Online Mailing list.  I can't wait to share this week's update with you, with an incredible guest post... 

Thanks again for your comment! :)

Comment by Hazel Owen on November 26, 2014 at 10:16

Anne - you've done it again! What great resources...and stories.

I must admit to having tears in my eyes as I read Dear Parent, About that kid and I am “That” parent. These posts are amazingly honest and open. What powerful invitations to look below the 'surface' - the place I know I sometimes look, especially on a busy day when I am tired and grumpy; the place where I find I tend to make snap judgements and place 'labels'...I found both posts a reminder to reflect on the fact that there is always more complexity in most people's lives than I may take time to consider.

The assessment tools look incredibly useful - especially, I feel, the Examples and templates. And as for the tools - I particularly like the look of Draftback for Google Docs.

 Thanks so much for sharing, Anne :)

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