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Moodle and/or Google user? Try these Moodle and Google 'how to' Tutorials

If you are a Google fan or Moodle user in any way, shape or form, you are going to find these resources from Claire Amos invaluable (she shared them here originally) - thanks, Claire.

She writes:

"Here are some links that you are welcome to share with any Moodle or Google users....I am slowly developing a library on my YouTube channel, if anyone else has tutorials to share we could always collaborate in creating an ‘uber’ channel of NZ School based staff and student tutorials, just say the word!
I am also planning to work on some more tutorial based more about how to use the tools support specific pedagogical approaches and competencies as well.
Please feel free to share, use, [or] ignore at your leisure 
Google Tutorials
Moodle Tutorials
Claire Amos
Director of e-learning

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