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Millenials under the microscope: Resources, ideas and a quiz from Cyberwise

The wonderful team at Cyberwise recently shared the following resources, focussed on the Millennial Generation, in NewsWise. Whether you are convinced or not that folk are 'wired differently' because of the ability to be 'connected', creative, and communicating 24/7, these resources are well worth dipping into...and the quiz is fun too :)
The world has changed dramatically in the last ten years; we are plugged in and tech'd out like never before, and these changes are having a huge impact on those growing up immersed in a newly connected world. Just ask the first generation to enter adulthood having grown up digital -- a 2.3 billion-strong tribe of "Millennials" (18-29 year olds).
Research suggests these twenty-something's are markedly different in their attitudes, beliefs, and habits than any generation that has proceeded them. They are connected, informed, passionate, idealistic, technically proficient... and majorly stressed out. And guess what? They want and even need our help as they chart a course through this new world. So this week's NewsWise is dedicated to the Millennial Generation, those brave young souls who are guiding us all into the digital future. Check out our blog and all the great resources (including a quiz to find out how "Millennial" you are) we've gathered for you about Millennials, or as we like the call them, the "indicator species" of the digital age.

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