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Make the Most of Pinterest Secret Boards

There is quite a bit of confusion as to how one can use a secret board on Pinterest and how it differs from a regular board. There is the belief in some quarters that all pins on a private board can only stay private and that they cannot be repinned to a public board. This belief is false.

Members of a private board are the only ones that can see the pins there, but they are free to take a pin and repin it to a public board. The major difference is that because the originating board is a secret board, there will be no referral link to indicate what board the pin originally came from. Therefore, with pins, credit or props does not follow to where credit is due in all cases.

Collaboration Between Department

In the past, some of the best ways for small departments to interact was through email and sometimes a collaborative web app. Depending on the size of your business or employer, and the relative size of their IT business, this may not be an affordable solution. Now with free business accounts on Pinterest and secret boards that can be opened inside a business account, it is possible to use a board to share thoughts, ideas and private business documents between employees and departments.

Open A Private Shared Pin Board

It is now possible to create a shared pin board between a select group of people – from an extended family, mastermind group or company department – to share memories, ideas and fun times. This is like a Flickr page for private groups.

Keeping Your Hobbies Separated

Some people, like this author, like to compartmentalize friends and colleagues in order to keep everyone together who should be together and those separate who should be separate. Secret groups can be used to keep a person’s roles in life separate. Their work role, their husband/wife/partner role, their father/mother role and to have a separate secret board shared with only the right people. This prevents overlap and ensures that the pins and repins are far more relevant to the participants too.

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Comment by Hazel Owen on July 14, 2017 at 18:50

Thank you for an informative post. I hadn't really thought through the benefits of having a secret board, so it is really good to read the ones you have shared here. A quick question - you mentioned that pins can be re-pinned from a private to a public board. What would your suggestions be to guide the members of a private board so that they are aware of the implications of sharing across private and public boards?

Thanks again for sharing! :)

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