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Learning in the Digital Age: the myth and the reality - do you agree with Steve Wheeler?

Below is embedded a recent presentation from Steve Wheeler (@timbuckteeth). It was initially shared by Merryn Dunmill in another community of which I'm a member, and then commented on by Leigh Hynes. Merryn opened the conversation by asking "Steve Wheeler shares stats on our increasing use of digital tools. So where are we headed in education? How does this impact on home and school, on flipped classrooms of the future?" (source).


And Leigh's response makes good reading:

Its a good video, full of trends and myths, great visuals and easy to understand.  He does seem to be a bit judgemental about flipped classes without being really informed.  Firstly it is not a business model, the flipping trend is all by teachers and free  ....few are making money out of it so far except by way of a cheap conference, and Khans videos are all free, too. By teachers, for teachers and students.  Sure there might be a few software companies (but YouTube is also free) who are able to profit from it.  And secondly, flipping is not just "homework" as he says.  Its about giving students a chance to take things at there own time, in or out of the classroom, allowing differentiation in the class, mastery for some and a stepping stone to competency for others.  The flippers do have students at the centre.  "His" idea of flipping the role, is what the flippers believe as the most important concept, so he is not as original as he thinks.  The funny thing is that he, later in the video, identifies technology as being able to give individualised learning....

And I agree with not classifying students as having certain learning styles but all good teachers know that most students learn through a variety of methods, and differentiate the experiences so that it becomes interesting and valid for the students concerned.  

Definitely, we have to teach students how to use technology, that he has got right!  Love the phrase "silver surfer".

Finally, the new paradigm is upon us, lets go out there and teach in it!  Make our students critical thinkers!

What are your thoughts? Responses?

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