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Is this what the school of the future looks like?

There has been ongoing discussion of what a learning environment could, and should, look and feel like. Choice, comfort, flexibility, aesthetics, and acoustics are a few of the fundamental considerations for designing such a space.

So, it was really interesting to read the article about the Saunalahti school in the city of Espoo, Finland, that has recently opened. I will share the link to the full article, but have included a snippet below.

I would love to hear what you think - and of your experiences of 'Modern learning environments' - along with any impact you've seen for your learners and your own practice. 

Across its 10,500 square metres, there’s a primary school, a secondary school, a kindergarten, a youth club, theatre, cafeteria, library, gym and many other things. Teaching takes place in a relaxed atmosphere: children are allowed to sit where and in whatever position they want, and discussion between them in class is even encouraged.
For the decoration of both the interiors and the outside of the building, architects used natural materials that help to create a warm, comfortable atmosphere. The external brickwork has been done using different building methods and in random patterns to help encourage the children’s learning. In the areas where the children play and relax (in the entrance hall and on the staircases), the walls are painted in bright colours. Each class has a different coloured hallway, so it’s impossible to get lost.
The school’s large windows facing onto the street give the sense of a connection with the outside world. Places for the children to sit are located right by the windows, so the children don’t feel locked behind four walls.

Read the full article by clicking this link >>>>

Image: Saunalahti school. CC ( BY SA ND ) licensed Wikimedia image by Htm:

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