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The OECD reports are always really great to dip into and read. As part of its ongoing work, this report and associated study aimed "to measure and improve adult skills around the world". As such, the OECD "tested the skills of more than 50,000 16 to 65 year-olds in Chile, Greece, Indonesia (Jakarta), Israel* (source), Lithuania, New Zealand, Singapore, Slovenia and Turkey" (source).

You can read the study online for free (or buy and download it / have it sent to you). On the site you can also download a .pdf summary for different countries, and access an interactive map that enables you to compare a range of skills across countries.

Greg Carroll, who shared the resource via email, suggested that you can click through to NZ data, and he pulled out the following findings to mull over.

New Zealand

  • New Zealand has the highest proportion of older adults scoring at the highest level in literacy (10.6%) across all participating countries, and one of the highest in numeracy (10.9%). Among younger adults, about 20% score at the highest level in literacy, and about 17% in numeracy, also above the OECD average, but by a small margin.
  • Adults in New Zealand score above the OECD average in literacy, numeracy and problem solving in technology-rich environments.
  • The differences in skills proficiency related to age, gender, education and social background are less pronounced in New Zealand than in other countries. But sharp ethnic differences, particularly for Māori and Pacific peoples, exist in New Zealand.

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